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DIY Barn Board Vases

Here's a pretty simple and super cute addition to your home... and great for fall decorating! Below is the how-to!

This was really quick and easy after we (I have to give my handy dad a lot of credit - I design and he helps me create) got everything we needed:

  • A piece of barn board with old edges (vs cut)

  • A pint or quart canning jar (old or new)

  • Threaded 3" strap clamp

  • Screw

  • Picture hanger

First position the strap centered from right to left and about 2/3 from the top of the board. Secure it to the board with the screw. Place the glass jar on the strap so the neck of the jar will catch when it's hanging. Thread the strap and tighten. DO NOT over tighten. It WILL break the glass (yea, did that once). Center the picture hanger an the back (level, of course) and attach. ALL DONE! And even better, less than $3!

These make great gifts. Especially if the wood you use is sentimental, like mine. I was lucky enough to get pieces of wood from my grandpa's barn. I love changing the flowers (fresh or fake) for every season. Happy building!