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Happy Halloween!

OK, so this isn't exactly a design or decorating idea, but in the spirit of the holiday, I had to share this DIY costume! Was so fun, easy and inexpensive! Two of my friends and I tried to buy this costume, but when it wasn't going to get here on time, we decided to make it ourselves! So in one evening (watching the Cubs and a glass of wine), Rock, Paper, Scissors was born! Read below to see how!

"Paper" was super quick and easy! We used a full piece of foam core and added the lines and holes with markers- Done!

"Scissors" was a little harder... First we used hot pink foam core and drew the shapes on the back. Cutting them out was the hardest part. I recommend a super sharp X-acto blade (or two). Then trace the blade part on to silver poster board, cut out, and glue on. We used a real bolt, but you can glue the scissors together and make a fake one with the silver poster board too. Done.

"Rock". Well, we kind of had to wing-it on that one! First, use a piece of poster board (or card board) inside a garbage bag. Stuff one side with crumpled newspaper. Our bag was a little think, so we stapled some "imperfections" to make it look more realistic. Tape the bag closed on the back side of the board and start spray-painting! We used a little white primer first, then gray and silver spray paint. I think you could use cream, tan, brown- whatever you have! Let dry. Done.

Last, we used snap tape (or elastic) and simply hot glued it to the back of the pieces to make a neck strap.

That's it! In less than two hours, and under $40 total, we made three costumes that were probably better quality than the ones in the store! Kid-sized version would be adorable too! Happy Halloween!