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Old ladder? Don't throw it out!

This is ingenious! I only wish I could take credit for it! I had a very old ladder with the original paint on it. I was using it in a bathroom as a cute, rustic towel holder.

But not long ago I was visiting my friend and she had it hanging horizontal as a shelf for family pictures! Here is what I came up with...

Center your ladder above your couch, headboard or whatever. Mark on your blank wall where you would like it to go (and anything else you need to hang around it).

Next, locate your studs (the ones in the wall :) and try to screw at least two small "L brackets" into the studs. Your ladder will rest on the brackets and then screw it into the top of your ladder. See below:

Next, arrange and hang anything that needs to go ON the wall...

Last, ACCESSORIZE! My favorite part! I didn't buy a single thing for this. You can re-use or re-purpose all kinds of things around your house! The glass "vase" is an empty lemonade bottle. And the "flowers" are actually stakes to put in your plants (that never happened cuz I can't keep a plant alive)! The rest are just random photos and frames that I had other places in my house. Have fun! And call me if you need help! :)

Lots more posts coming soon! Been a little behind due to computer malfunction (or operator error). But I have a bunch of new before and after photos to show you!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! "Talk" soon!