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Tray Obsessed and Creatively Blessed

Trays, trays and more trays! They have become my go-to for so many applications! And they are EVERYWHERE! Wood, metal, acrylic and glass... lay them down or stand them up? BOTH! You can even stack them! :)

But where, you say? Wait until you see all of these photos! I use them on counters and kitchen tables with cute runners. Even on bedroom dressers as a "drop zone". Or my personal favorite... on coffee tables and ottomans! I use them above cabinets and on shelves for height, pattern, color, texture, and a nice backdrop for vases, plants, and picture frames! Not to mention they are handy for serving food and drinks!

So, they next time you see one on sale, snatch it up! I'm sure we can find a great place for it in your home! Enjoy the photos and be inspired! #lovewhatyoudo #trayobsessed